bumper repair cues

bumper repair cues

Bumper repair cues

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Part 1 Replacing Pool Table Rail Cushion/Bumper

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Casa cues is a full service shop, offering:

Pool Table Installation, Moving & Repair

Casa Cues offers full service table moving, repair & installation, serving the greater Reno/Sparks, Carson City, Lake Tahoe area. We offer the best rates and quality, personalized service.

Source: http://casacues.com/cue-repair-reno/

  • At Billiards Plus we have specialists to assist you with your billiard equipment needs. Contact or visit us to see how we can help!

Pool Tables

  • Relocate your table
  • New felt
  • New cushions/bumpers
  • Level your table

Pool Cues

  • Tip Replacement
  • Ferrule Replacement
  • Shaft Repairs, Shaft Cleaning and Shaft Replacement
  • Wrap Repair & Replacement
  • Refinish
  • Change Weight

Pool Table Services

Moving? Do you want your table to come with you? We will disassemble, relocate and reassemble your table for you. You don’t have to lift a finger.

Is your felt looking and playing a little rough? We can fix that! We have the best felt in stock and ready to be installed on your table.

Are your rails feeling a little “dead”? It’s time to get the bounce back in your game. We’ll install new cushions/bumpers so you can enjoy your game again.

Getting some funny rolls? Don’t let the “table roll” get into your game. Let us get your table in top notch shape.

Crating Slate for out-of-state moving

Leaving Ohio? Still want your pool table? We can help.

Miscellaneous Repair

We can fix or repair almost anything.

Pool Cues Services

Do you want your cue to stand out from the rest? We can build your cue from the ground up. With attention to detail, your one of a kind cue could be the envy of everyone in the room.


Tip Replacement

Is your cue down to the nubbin? Let us put a professional tip on to your cue, and watch your game improve.

  • Elkmaster
  • LePro
  • Triangle
  • Sumo
  • Talisman (Medium & Hard)
  • Moori (Soft, Medium & Hard)
  • Tiger (Everest, Emerald, Sniper)
  • Kamui (Super Soft, Soft, Medium, Hard)
  • Ivorine III
  • Aegis II
  • LBM
  • Double Black Linen
  • Ivory

We also have Predator Shafts available for any pool cue.  

Wrap Repair & Replacement

Is your wrapping coming undone? We can help you get a handle on your game with a brand new wrap.

  • Irish Linen (12+ colors)
  • Leather (Several colors and textures)

Miscellaneous Repair

Stop in to see us.

Source: http://www.billiards-plus.com/services/

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